Case study: Small screen, big (advertising) impact

Case study: Small screen, big (advertising) impact
TVNZ is opening up a whole world of advertising opportunities.

TVNZ is opening up a whole world of multi-platform advertising opportunities.

A TV programme used to be just that – you’d watch it, enjoy it, end of story. But the complexion of television has gradually changed, providing new vehicles for branding and advertising.

Programmes or, more broadly speaking, video content, has emerged as a powerful tool in a brand’s arsenal, providing a catalyst for conversations, and allowing a brand to actively participate in real and virtual communities. Through-the-line, multi-platform integration is the latest marketing mash up extending brand associations well beyond the TV screen.

Media Solutions at TVNZ designs such multi-platform campaigns for advertisers. Jeremy O’Brien, the division’s general manager, says that over the last five years TVNZ has evolved from a linear broadcaster into a digital media company. He cites a recent Colmar Brunton survey that puts our consumption of media in general at 28 percet of our daily overall activity (more than work and eating), with free-to-air TV and online accounting for nearly two thirds of our media consumption.

“TV’s role is still very much about fast and vast reach; mass awareness to establish brands, or quickly making as many people as possible aware of a time-bound offer,” he says. “Then other media play different roles in moving the consumer through the path to purchase to the end point of the sale. The Media Solutions division looks to integrate those different touch points connecting consumers and brands.”

To do that, O’Brien and his team seek to understand how brands can connect with people. “People are spending more time engaging with video of different forms. For us, it comes down to how we create links between those experiences.”

Creating partnerships
Media Solutions helps advertisers maximise their exposure to a target audience by partnering with TVNZ-generated content, either as a broadcast partner to one of TVNZ’s programmes or through unique content created specifically for an advertiser, and by integrating this connection across the various TVNZ distribution platforms such as and TVNZ Ondemand.

They also try to take an holistic approach that considers the role other platforms outside the TVNZ offering play, such as in-store, point of sales and social media. The aim, of course, is to increase a brand’s consideration and provide a point of difference for advertisers that will positively influence sales.

Advertisers can match their brand with TVNZ content in a multitude of ways.

Making it count
O’Brien says the Countdown/MasterChef NZ campaign is an example of how this holistic integrated approach can work well. TVNZ partnered with Countdown to bring New Zealand a local MasterChef series and, in doing so, positively influence quality perceptions of the Countdown banner.

“Countdown doesn’t simply invest in the on-air broadcast sponsorship; it’s also fully integrated within the show. For example, with the exception of a few specialty items, all the food used in the challenges is sourced from Countdown. This makes it not simply a brand association, but a true experience of what a consumer can obtain from a Countdown supermarket.”

Media Solutions worked in conjunction with Ogilvy, Countdown’s agency, to develop a full marketing leverage plan for the series. In addition to the on-air sponsorship elements Countdown activates the association through an off-air licence to take the MasterChef brand in store. It’s used at point of sale and to brand staff in store. The association was taken a step further by having the winner of MasterChef star in the Countdown Smart Shopper TVCs. The result is an integrated approach that fully leverages the link between the programme brand and the advertiser’s brand to drive results.

“We conducted research around key KPIs Countdown has set for the partnership,” says O’Brien. “We measured different attributes around their brand pre and post the MasterChef series going to air.”

As a result, Media Solutions was able to identify any movements in brand preference among viewers versus non viewers and allow Countdown to assess the role its association with MasterChef was playing to deliver against key brand KPIs.

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