'Everything is a Remix' mastermind on the problem with IP laws

'Everything is a Remix' mastermind on the problem with IP laws

Copy. Transform. Combine.

As Kirby Ferguson argues in the fourth (and final) installment in his “Everything Is a Remix” series, this process marks how we were made, how we live, and how we create.

Ideas are regarded as property in the modern world, but he contends it's not that tidy.

We tend to think copying is not a problem ... as long as we're the ones doing it, when we justify it.

Even Steve Jobs was shameless about stealing great ideas – but when the shoe was on the other foot (cough Android) he was quick to vilify the malefactors he saw as infringing on Apple's turf.

So as the IP fight heats up, with patent cases being fought all over the globe, where to next?

(For the curious, Ferguson's next project is This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, a multi-part series that will explain the major ideas, events and human quirks that have shaped where we are politically.

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