Ecoya makes inroads into Japan

Ecoya makes inroads into Japan
Ecoya this week signed an exclusive agreement with Kinu Corporation to bring its products to Japan.

Having wrapped up a successful trial with Tokyo luxury home goods retailer Bus Stop, Ecoya this week signed an exclusive agreement with Kinu Corporation to bring its products to Japan.

EcoyaEcoya makes skincare products, fragrances and candles. Its Trilogy line is already in Japan – the biggest single Asian market for the group's skincare range.

Wataru Kajimura, president of Kinu, said the deal gave it real strength in the growing home fragrance market. "Together with the Australasian connection, this makes us very positive about the future for the range in Japan," he said.

"We are thrilled to bring Ecoya's products to Japan and we are confident that they will soon be in the living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms of some of the most interesting Japanese people."

Geoff Ross, chairman and chief executive of Ecoya, said Asian consumers' interest in skin and body care brands was on the up and up, with Ecoya's Asian business now accounting for millions in revenue. Nearly three-quarters of Ecoya sales were outside of New Zealand, he said.

"Asia continues to be a growth market. And beyond Australia, Asia will be where we see very strong growth coming from. Primarily within our biggest market Japan, but also in China and Korea.

"Trilogy and Ecoya Fragrance and Body Care together have seen 135 per cent growth in sales year on year in Asia."

He added: "It also used to be that brands travelled 'west to east', meaning they would start in the western retailers and eastern countries would then pick up. In our case we have seen several examples of the reverse. For instance, Ecoya started in Harvey Nichols Hong Kong and will soon be in Harvey Nichols London."

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