The Rainbow Warrior, take three

The Rainbow Warrior, take three

The Rainbow Warrior is back – and it's cooler and greener than ever.

The $32-million wind-powered ship (funded by private donations) measures 190 feet and is capable of reaching 25 km/h.

The ship finished its maiden voyage, an 18-day Atlantic crossing from Europe to New York City, last month, and is travelling the US on a series of educational pit stops.

The Rainbow Warrior is the third of its kind; the first was infamously bombed in Auckland in 1985 by French foreign intelligence agents, and the second, a converted trawler, retired last August after 22 years of service.

The Warrior will be used to carry out campaigns against what Greenpeace deems environmental crimes, including whaling and shipping timber from rainforests.

Other uses include transporting climate change researchers and their gear – the ship is capable of carrying nine tonnes worth of scientific equipment. An additional feature of the Warrior is a handy helicopter pad.