Hell Pizza courts controversy again with fake syringes

Hell Pizza courts controversy again with fake syringes

Where there's Hell Pizza, there's drama, and the ever-controversial chain is now under fire for using fake-blood filled syringes in a promotion.

One of the pens, designed to look like a blood-filled syringe with the slogan "Hell, creating addicts since 1996", was given to a boy aged 9 in Wellington, forcing the company to apologise.

Joel Crampton was reportedly given the Hell Pizza pen as a prize at Upper Hutt's H2O Xtream pool, but Hell Pizza co-founder Callum Davies told the Dominion Post the pens were not supposed to be given out to children and he would like to know how it happened.

Davies said the campaign was aimed at adult customers. 

But he denied copying Queensland franchise Burger Urge, which dropped 20,000 pens along with plungers and fake blood into mailboxes last year.

He said the syringe-shaped pens were bought more than a year ago, and this was the second shipment. 

''The first lot of pens were blue, while these are red. Hell Pizza bought the pens before Burger Urge in Australia, which did a similar promotion.''

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