Council trials new fuel emulsion technology

The Kapiti Coast District Council is trialling a new emulsified fuel technology on a tractor/mower with a view to expand to much of its older fleet if successful.

Alternative Petroleum Technology (APT) is an environmental technology company that has developed a range of emulsion fuels with Blended Fuel Solutions that reduce tailpipe emissions, created by adding small droplets of water to fuel, then introducing special additives to keep the water suspended. 

According to Alternative Petroleum president Patrick Grimes, improved combustion from the blend could create fuel savings of up to 3 percent.

Emulsion fuel is used around the world by refineries burning waste residual fuel for the processing of crude oil, international shipping fleet and old school buses wanting to improve their emissions, to name a few.

“If this trial is successful we can look at the possibility of taking old commercial fleets and improving their emissions profile.  The carbon footprint of a bus is huge if it needs replacing due to its diesel emissions, however, the emulsified fuel technologies can greatly reduce this with no engine modification or replacement of the vehicle required,” says Leigh Ramsey, a partner in APT New Zealand.