Proud to be an Aucklander: Phoenix Renata

Everybody loves to hate on the JAFA. But is Auckland finally starting to find its feet? This week, we chat to a few people who are Aucklanders by birth, choice or both – and proud of it.

Phoenix RenataI grew up in … Kingsland. I spent my whole childhood in the area and loved it. A lot has changed since then, I have seen many businesses come and go, and in general just seen the whole area develop and evolve for the better

I'm a proud JAFA because … Auckland is the place for me! I love the atmosphere, the business and the vibe of the people. There are so many little hubs of creative and artistic people and places. I like that it is so spaced out, yet also so small, there is always someone who knows someone you know. I find Auckland inspirational and full of opportunities

The one thing I'd change about the city is … It is incredibly hard to find a park in the city/Queen Street area. I stay away from the city because of that fact. I think the city loses business because people don’t go there to shop, because it is so difficult to move around freely

My favourite hidden gem is … Prohibition in Ponsonby. My favourite fashion era is the 1920s and 1930s … so this is the place I adore! The food is to die for, the atmosphere is brilliant, and it’s such a great chance to dress up and hang out

The best coffee can be found … I don’t drink coffee, but Viola in Takapuna make a beautiful hot chocolate. Plus you get to check out the beach

Wynyard Quarter is … fancy – and does entice people to the city more, which I encourage

And the RWC was … a waste of money!

Auckland traffic makes me … listen to music. I really don’t think it’s that bad if you pick your travel times right

Auckland in three words is … FABULOUS – CHIC and HOME

Phoenix Renata is the founder of Phoenix Cosmetics (see Idealog story here).