Pepsi pushes manly mateship in polarising ‘Bromitment’ campaign

Pepsi pushes manly mateship in polarising ‘Bromitment’ campaign

If it was all about manvertising earlier this year, with the likes of Mantrol, Mammoth and Lion Red’s Manpoints all being launched around the same time, Colenso's new fully integrated campaign for Pepsi including TV, web, radio, Juice TV promo and even a brand ambassador, is probably closer to boyvertising.

While it’s bound to appeal to its target audience, it’s also sure to get the goat of those who don’t like simplistic sexual stereotypes in their advertising.

Bromitment is “a pledge, promise, obligation to be there with your boys, to participate in any and all shenanigans that may go down”.

The campaign encourages guys to go online and ‘bromit’ to three of their best mates by entering codes online. Bromitees can test their bromitment and go in the draw to win a road trip down Route 66, run with the bulls in Pamplona, or skydive in Argentina. And Pepsi Max is also giving away $500 cash prizes every day for those who have entered codes.

There are heaps of short YouTube clips like this and there are also some handy ‘bromitment assistants‘ on the website, downloadable PDFs of doctor’s notes, jury summons and birthday party invitations that let you get out of things you should be doing to hang out with your mates instead.

This story originally appeared on StopPress.

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