Portable and environmental learning hits the Auckland streets

Portable and environmental learning hits the Auckland streets

Getting the sustainability message across isn’t the easiest of tasks, but starting at the grass roots level seems a wise place to start. A new mobile interactive classroom is hoping to do just that. 

The 3M Tread Lightly Caravan was launched yesterday in Auckland by Maggie Barry on behalf of Minister for the Environment Nick Smith. Developed by the Urban Ecoliving Charitable Trust, the purpose-built vehicle visits Auckland schools and other venues, encouraging children aged eight to 12 to ‘have a go’ on exhibits that demonstrate how individual actions have specific environmental consequence. It opens up on two sides and can accommodate 30 children at a time. 

The vehivle is manned by qualified teaching staff and director of Ecoliving Charitable Trust, Gael Ogilvie, says the caravan has been created to “inspire children to care for our environment in a fun and fully interactive way that they enjoy”. 

She says the support so far has been great, with “excellent initial feedback from teachers and students alike”. 

Development and construction of the 3M Tread Lightly Caravan took place over a three-year period and was funded primarily by the Ministry for Environment with additional contributions from Auckland City Council, Lion Foundation, Perry Foundation, Lotteries Commission, the Department of Internal Affairs, ASB Charitable Trust and the Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate.   

Visit the website here:

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