LanzaTech snaffles its first commercial customer in key strategic market

LanzaTech snaffles its first commercial customer in key strategic market

LanzaTech is at it again, this time securing its first commercial customer by way of Concord Enviro Systems (CES). The Mumbai-based company has broad ranging investments in various forms of renewable energy, with municipal solid waste  (MSW) being the largest of them. The move represents LanzaTech’s first technology sale in a key strategic market, using what is deemed to be a “critical waste segment”. 

“It is estimated that global generation of MSW has risen 37 percent since 2007,” said LanzaTech chief executive Dr Jennifer Holmgren. “With developing countries spending a significant portion of their available budget on solid waste management, using this waste as an energy source and deploying distributed MSW systems means we could have a real material impact on energy democratisation.” 

LanzaTech has licensed its technology to CES to enable the production of both power and fuels from municipal solid waste syngas. It said CES understands the economics and “significant revenue potential” that LanzaTech’s technology can provide. 

“This collaboration will enable us to accelerate deployment of our technology utilising waste synthesis gas streams and is central to our mission of harnessing waste streams for the production of valuable fuels and chemicals and increasing access to energy globally,” said Holmgren.

50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy 2011-12

LanzaTech ahs also recently taken out the number eight spot Biofuels Digest’s 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy 2011-12. Topping the list was renewable oil developer Solazyme, followed by Amyris at number two , Gevo at number three, POET at number four, LS9 at number five, Novozymes at number six, Enerkem at number seven, Honeywell’s UOP in ninth place with ZeaChem rounding out the top 10.

The rankings, which recognise innovation and achievement in bioenergy development, are based 60 percent on votes from a 100-member College of international selectors, and 40 percent on votes from subscribers of Biofuels Digest and Renewable Chemicals Digest. Overall, more than 1,000 companies were eligible in the rankings and 304 companies received votes in the poll, and more than 130,000 individual company ratings were completed by voters.

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