A clean fight: Nike vs Puma in the sustainability stakes

A clean fight: Nike vs Puma in the sustainability stakes

When it comes to sports brands, no two labels could be said to be asserting their green cred more than Nike and Puma.

Nike recently released its Material Sustainability Index (MSI), sharing a framework developed from years of sustainability research, design and collaboration. The index is only available to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition but Nike plans to release it to the public in 2012. 

Meanwhile, Puma is devoting research and development resources to compostable clothing and accessories.

There are similarities between both their sustainability branding campaigns and initiatives.  For starters, both companies are adopting the cradle-to-cradle framework in their systems and design processes.  And both companies are committed to the challenge presented by Greenpeace to eliminate any discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020.

Nike and Puma are also reframing the word “sustainability” itself Although both movements target demographically similar markets, the respective customers have diverging sensibilities.

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