New ISO Standard launched for incorporating eco design into products and services

In a bid to provide environmental best practice for design, Standards New Zealand has released a new ISO standard that it said gives guidance to product and service organisations as to how they can best integrate environmental aspects into the design and development of products and services. 

“The new Standard has been developed to help organisations implement eco design in a flexible and practical manner.” said Martin Charter, convenor of the working group responsible for ISO 14006. “The goal is for organisations to use these principles to design and develop more advanced, profitable and sustainable goods and services.” 

Standards New Zealand said the standard, called Environmental management systems – Guidelines for incorporating ecodesign ISO 14006:2011, offers the following benefits:

  • economic benefits, for example, through increased competitiveness, cost reduction, and attraction of financing and investments
  • promoting innovation and creativity, and identifying new business models
  • reducing liability through reduced environmental impacts and improved product knowledge
  • improving public image
  • enhancing employee motivation. 

If you fancy purchasing the standard, it'll cost you $221 if you're not a member of Standards New Zealand and $177 if you are. More info here. 

The content in a Standard is developed by independent expert committees that are made up of volunteers nominated by organisations (public and private) that have an interest in the subject covered by the Standard. 

Once the content for the Standard is written a draft is made available on our website in for anybody to comment on. Comments submitted during the public comment period are reviewed by the committee and if necessary the Standard is modified.

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