New initiative takes collaborative approach to electric car adoption in New Zealand

New initiative takes collaborative approach to electric car adoption in New Zealand

Electric vehicle adoption rates, slow as they may be, are growing. Partnerships like the one announced in September between New Zealand’s Solar City and Mitsubishi are a good start, but the Pure Advantage group is hedging its bets on the launch in New Zealand of the Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV). The association is modelled on the Japanese counterpart of the same name, which has been successful in uniting all facets of the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry under a collaborative umbrella, the goal of which is to accelerate the adoption of EVs. 

According to a survey by The Transport Ministry, there are 3.3 million vehicles in New Zealand — one of the highest ownership rates per capita of motor vehicles in the Western World, second only to California. Combine that high ownership rate with our high uptake of renewable energy production rates and Duncan Stewart, the Campaign Manager for Pure Advantage, reckons you have a perfect recipe for the mass adoption of electric vehicles. Pure Advantage is backing the introduction of APEV into New Zealand, saying it is evidence of strong growing support for green business in New Zealand. 

It said EV technology has the potential to develop into a significant new industry, and at the same time improve New Zealand’s environmental performance and preserve the country’s clean green image internationally.  

“Pure Advantage believes New Zealand could embrace electric car technology because it will ultimately reduce our reliance on increasingly expensive imported oil and develop capabilities which we can export to the world,” said Stewart. 

Although New Zealand has the all-electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV vehicle commercially available, with the Nissan LEAF due to hit our shores soon, Stewart points to a global market where there are more than 60 EV brands that are either planned or  already in production.

APEV was launched yesterday at the NZ Clean Energy Centre in Taupo, following a two hour workshop on EV’s. The association  will be advised by Japan businessmen Soichiro Fukutake, who now resides in New Zealand and is the chairman of APEV Japan.  

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