New information-sharing system makes corporates and government more accountable for their waste

In what EnviroWaste has dubbed a "first of its kind”, the company has acquired a new information sharing system that is said will give its key customers the chance to better keep track of what they’re throwing away – providing a technological solution to the difficult job of monitoring waste for companies that are trying to operate more sustainably. 

Called IntellOnDemand, the system is said to give external customers access to accurate, timely and well-organised information within EnviroWaste’s own corporate data. A simpler user interface means non-technical staff can pull-up and interpret the information without having to go through their IT department. 

The static reports of old used data that was aggregated from a number of disparate systems, meaning customers would wait for around 15 days for a report. But because the new system is hosted on the cloud, and with the help of a secure log-in, customers can see their information instantly. 

EnviroWaste Finance Director Earl Gasparich said the old system “often raised as many questions as they answered”. 

With the new system, companies can view their waste record in a broad sense, or drill down for detail to see how much waste each of their offices are throwing away, how much is being sent to landfill or recycled. This can be used to compare previous quarters or years, between branches and analyse unusually large or small numbers. 

According to  Gasparich, the new system will help the company’s corporate and government clients become more accountable and tackle holes in their waste management. 

“Giving our clients the ability to view standard reports and easily create their own dynamic reports puts the power back in their hands. 

“It means they can get right down into the information and identify areas for improvement in their own organisation. And then if they need to make changes, having the numbers there in black and white means it’ll be easier to get buy-in from their staff.”

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