McDonald's takes coin rugby digital

McDonald's takes coin rugby digital
McDonald’s New Zealand is the latest Kiwi brand to dip its toes into the world of Facebook games.

McDonald’s New Zealand is the latest Kiwi brand to dip its toes into the world of Facebook games, inviting users to show off their skills in return for the chance to win freebies.

While GrabOne's recent Facebook campaign involved a fresh take on trading cards, McDonald’s Flick Rugby is a digital twist on tabletop coin rugby.

The Flick Rugby game is part of McDonald’s Just because… campaign, with the aim to get a coin across the table in three flicks or less, navigating hazards including Kiwiburgers, beetroot, Frozen L&P spills, Kiwi Pavs and Kiwi Brekkie McMuffins .

If players rack up enough points they can qualify to win McDonald’s product vouchers.

McDonald's strategist Nivin Sewpershad said the company was connecting with a huge number of customers through its Facebook page and wanted to create a digital extension of it.

"Most New Zealanders will remember playing coin rugby and this is our modern take on the game.”

The Flick Rugby strategy and execution was developed by Spitfire, whose chief executive Colin Proebstel said games like Flick Rugby were an ideal way to engage fans with topical campaigns, as well as drive foot traffic instore with "intelligent integration of product and prizes".

According to McDonalds, the app has racked up 53,000 minutes of game play and brought in more than 6,000 new 'likes' for a total of 154,000-plus fans.

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