Kiwi forex trading promo goes viral

How long does it take for John Paulson to earn my annual income?

Less time than it takes to get to work in the morning, apparently.

Trader Paulson makes a mean $555,900 per hour and raked in $4.9 billion in 2010. And thanks to this interactive tool, you too can find out how many years it would take you to earn the equivalent of his dosh.

But the website apparently serves another purpose – as a holding page for MahiFX, a foreign exchange trading website launching in February.

The official statement: "MahiFX is a ground-breaking new foreign exchange trading website developed by an elite team of international traders, analysts, developers and marketers. With proprietary software and direct access to the market makers, it promises to offer the most intelligent and effective trading experience available in the world today."

For the past year, Strategy Design & Advertising has been hard at work on MahiFX’s brand development. 

This particular landing page was the result of a collaboration with Sons & Co.

"The initial challenge was to provide an effective, interactive holding page that reflected the design ethos that has been integrated into the full website and trading platform," Strategy managing partner Geoff Cranko said.

It's already generating plenty of buzz, having picked up coverage from around the world; people from 104 countries have visited the site since its launch on October 2, and many more will no doubt do so in the coming months.

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