Farmers reveals NZ-first interactive catalogue

Farmers' new digital catalogue

Catalogues have long been a cornerstone of any company's marketing arsenal. Now, in a first for New Zealand, Farmers has launched a groundbreaking fully interactive product catalogue, which it says customers have embraced wholeheartedly.

While other local retailers have dipped their toes into the world of digital publications or interactive catalogues, Farmers said its version was something new, enabling viewers to rollover icons to expand on product information, watch videos, and share links, all from within the virtual pages.

Agency .99 says it's just the beginning of new developments for New Zealand retail advertising specialists.

Chief executive Craig Whitehead said digital or interactive publications were well established in the UK and US retail markets, but a true interactive catalogue was something he had wanted to produce for several years.

"Interactive catalogues play a different role for a retailer than any other digital platform and we’ve challenged ourselves as an agency to deliver something for Farmers that couldn’t be achieved with a campaign site, a store website or a social app.”

Like many New Zealand retailers, Farmers invests a significant amount print catalogues, which won't be changing anytime soon.

But the company believes interactive catalogues will become an important channel for providing a richer product experience.

Head of marketing Dean Cook said customers particularly liked the integrated videos and rich media content offered.

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