The cleantech countdown is on: NZ Clean Energy Expo October 15 and 16

The cleantech countdown is on: NZ Clean Energy Expo October 15 and 16

It’s been projected that by 2015, the combination of increased fuel prices with decreasing battery prices and smarter technology will put electric vehicles on a par with fossil fuel powered vehicles. And if you want to see where electric vehicles and electric motorbikes are headed to first-hand, the upcoming New Zealand Clean Energy Expo in Taupo is a great place to start. More than 25 exhibits, including a number of electric cars and motorbikes, will be on show at the event. Expo-goers will also have the opportunity to hear cleantech experts speak as part of a series of free workshops.

Some very clever minds and research units around the globe are working to discover and develop environmentally sustainable and cost-effective ways to power our technology-hungry life styles. Held on October 15 and 16 in Taupo, the NZ Clean Energy Centre-run expo will show the public what some of the energy solutions of the future might be. Many of these solutions are actually already in use and have been demonstrated at the NZ Clean Energy Centre. Examples include multiple solar hot water systems, micro wind turbines and solar electric systems that heat and power the facility. Any energy leftover it’s put back into the national grid. 

The Expo concludes a four-day symposium involving energy industry specialists from around the country and abroad. 

NZ Clean Energy Centre chief executive Rob McEwen said Kiwis are waking up to New Zealand’s clean and green brand and the growth of clean technology in the future. 

“They are also acutely aware of ever increasing energy costs, whether for heating, electricity or transport. So the pain being felt in our pocketbooks, the heightened awareness around global warming and peak oil, combined with the opportunity to leverage our national brand for international advantage in this Century’s fastest growing market sector is driving kiwis to explore different ways of doing things,” he said. “That’s what this Expo and these workshops are all about: catalysts for ideas, catalysts for change.” 

Expo-goers will also have the opportunity to hear experts speak as part of a series of free workshops, designed to educate as well as stimulate discussion and action. 

Free workshop lineup: 

Saturday, 11am: Towards the Energy Positive Home

Presentations include:

·      “The Positive Energy Home”

·      “Beyond Zero Energy Homes”

·      “100% Possible: A Clean Green Future for NZ”

·      “The Case for Solar Water Heating”

·      “Our Off-Grid Home: A Case Study”

Saturday, 1pm: Micro Hydro, Micro Wind and Solar Options

Presentations include:

·      “Assessing your Micro Hydro Potential”

·      “Electricity from the Sun”

·      “The Advantages of Small Scale Wind Energy”

·      “A Different Spin: Small Scale Rooftop Wind Turbines”

Sunday, 1pm: The Car of the Future: Is it Electric?

Presentations include:

·      “The outlook for electric vehicles in New Zealand”

·      “Electric Vehicles: A catalyst for change”

·      “Implication of Electric Vehicles for Society and Environment”

·      “Converting your car to run on Electricity”

·      “The Green City Solution”

·      “The Early Driver Challenges of EVs”

For more information on the NZ Clean Energy Expo, visit:

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