Done business in India? MFAT wants to hear from you

Done business in India? MFAT wants to hear from you
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade wants to hear from businesses that export services to India as progress is made toward a free trade agreement.

With five rounds of negotiations with India done and dusted (the next round is expected to be held this month) progress towards an FTA is being made.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade now wants to hear from businesses that export services to India – either through having a physical or personnel presence in India, having employees who travel to India or delivering services in India from New Zealand (ie, online).

"If your business is involved in these activities, the ministry’s keen to identify the ways in which the India FTA could make it easier for you," it said.

It's particularly interested in any regulatory barriers encountered by Kiwi companies, for example:

  • restrictions on individuals (eg. difficulties in recognition of qualifications or obtaining business visas, requirements to obtain local licenses);
  • restrictions on investors (eg. requirements to operate in joint ventures with local partners, requirements to employ locals or restrictions on the ability of New Zealanders to be transferred to work in subsidiaries or affiliates in India, local representation requirements for boards of directors, restrictions on the ability to invest in a new enterprise or invest equity in an Indian company); or
  • financial or business restrictions (eg. restrictions on supplying services from New Zealand including via the internet, difficulties competing with local firms who benefit from government preferences, complex and discriminatory local regulations).

Questions or information can be sent to Brad Burgess, services negotiator for the India FTA at

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