Healthy outlook for Kiwi sustainability film challenge following UN backing

When the 2010 call to entries was made for the Outlook for Someday film competition last year, project director David Jacobs was feeling mighty optimistic about the competition, saying it had become “part of New Zealand’s film landscape” and that it was “creating a buzz overseas”. And he’s right. To coincide with the 2011 call for entries, organisers have announced the sustainability film challenge for young people has received international recognition from the United Nations as a project that helps to create a more sustainable future.  

The backing means the challenge gets to display the logo of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD)— only the second time that a New Zealand organisation or project has been allowed to carry the DESD logo by UNESCO, the UN agency with responsibility for leading the Decade.

“I was blown away when the endorsement came through from UNESCO Headquarters in Paris,” says Jacobs.

“It’s great news for the film challenge and for what we’re working to promote. It really encourages us to add an international dimension to what we have grown here in New 

The charitable trust which runs the challenge, Connected Media, says the objective for the film challenge is to help grow a generation of enterprising, digital-savvy young people who are focussing their creative energy and self-expression on the big issue of their time —sustainability. 

The film challenge is now in its 5th year and organisers are on the hunt for 2011 entries, with a 30 September deadline. 

As part of the competition, young people (up to the age of 24) are set the challenge of making a sustainability-related film of any genre,  filmed with any camera and any length up to 5 minutes. 

The 20 Winning Films—selected by judges from media, education, government and business —will be broadcast by TVNZ 7 on both Freeview/TiVo (channel 7) and SKY/Telstra (channel 077).

The Outlook for Someday 2011 Promo from The Outlook for Someday on Vimeo.

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