Drink beer, do good

Drink beer, do good

Everyone likes a good beer, but would you love it more if it showed signs of environmental stewardship? Love NZ, a government-led initiative, facilitated by the Glass Packaging Forum, was launched in May as a means of providing permanent and temporary recycling bins and bottle banks for public places across 26 regions in New Zealand. And now Speight’s has come on board, becoming the first brand in the country to display the Love NZ “recycle with care” logo on its packaging. 

Speight’s says that by including the brand’s logo on Speight’s Cider packaging, the recycling message is directly reinforced. 

“...labelling our new Speight’s Cider’s recyclable packaging with this brand will help make it clear to consumers what they should do with the packaging after enjoying what’s inside,” says Jonte Goldwater from Speight’s. 

And while Kiwis might be willing to recycle in the home, it’s the out and about action the campaign is targeting. According to Love NZ, 30 percent of all beverage containers are consumed away from home and the Love NZ recycling bins have been created to help remedy lost recycling opportunities.  

The Love NZ campaign, funded by the Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund, was launched to coincide with an event whereby many a beverage is consumed— the Ruby World Cup. At the launch of the Love NZ campaign in May this year, Environment Minster Nick Smith commented: 

“The Rugby World Cup is the biggest event New Zealand has hosted. This Love NZ campaign is about recycling thousands of tonnes of glass, plastic and paper that would otherwise go to landfill and showing our 85,000 international guests that we care for our environment.  This is about turning a potential risk from large volumes of waste into an opportunity to reinforce our clean, green brand." 

This year, the campaign has set itself the goal of collecting an additional 9,000 tonnes of plastic, glass and cans form public places. 

The Love NZ label isn’t Speight’s first foray into socially responsible practise. The brewery also has an environment fund to support not-for-profit groups who work to help preserve Dunedin’s natural environment. 

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