Overcoming information overload

Overcoming information overload
There’s a lot going on in business, with digital information flowing thick and fast. Atlas takes the weight off its clients’ shoulders by tailoring digital asset management systems to suit their needs

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There’s a lot going on in business, with digital information flowing thick and fast. Atlas takes the weight off its clients’ shoulders by tailoring digital asset management systems to suit their needs

The key applets that can be applied to Atlas

Information technology has opened up a whole new world of exciting possibilities for businesses—and some interesting challenges. As the volume of digital information increases, company owners, administrators and staff are spending more time trying to manage or locate specific files.

Back in 2003, the perceptive folk at multi-media company Meanwhile Ltd saw a gap in the market for a digital asset management solution that could help assemble company data into a central secure location.

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The Atlas Media Database Solution is a powerful web-based digital asset management system, designed from the ground up to simplify the task of managing, finding and distributing files such as digital images, desktop files, audio files, video files, and more. Basically, it’s like a super-organised personal assistant.

An orderly solution, made to order

Among the first Atlas clients were independent advertising agencies Metromedia (now owned by global giant, Ogilvy) and Republik Communications. Based on their requirements, Meanwhile developed a range of Atlas applications such as PDF-templating solutions, print management, inventory, brandmanagement, survey tools, catalogue and mailer builders, online proofing, and artwork automation. Meanwhile partnered with these agencies in a series of client-integrated solutions that are still running today.

“The key thing that attracted us to Atlas,” says Simon Ellis from Republik Communications, “was the ability to customise it to our clients’ individual needs, from the smallest to the largest.” Paul Manning, Executive Director of Ogilvy, agrees. “We’ve used Atlas to give us a significant competitive advantage in the market,” he says. “This has translated into greater production efficiencies and stronger client relationships.”

After attracting the interest of NIWA, Meanwhile worked with its staff to develop highly specialised tools, including geospatial locating of images and mapping—before the advent of Google Maps—and a projectmanagement and data-analysis tool.

This full partnering is typical of the relationships Meanwhile has with its clients. Once Atlas is deployed Meanwhile often works to integrate it with client/ customerrelationship management, and financial and procurement systems.

Putting the flow back into workflow

Replication of work and manual processes can prevent many organisations from achieving their KPIs. Meanwhile works with clients to define and assess their objectives and meet them through specific applications and solutions.

In some cases Meanwhile has put Atlas into action for clients and then designed end-to-end workflows that allow users to build complex, print-ready PDF files and submit them to a workflow engine. This then distributes them to printers, providing summaries by region, cost and team.

Other key benefits

Cross-platform portability: Atlas works seamlessly on both Mac and PC platforms.

Secure multi-user system: This can be managed at your discretion, with privilege levels for individual users to restrict access to particular assets and tools.

Brand control features: Using intelligent programming, the system intuitively prevents inconsistencies when adding information to assets, or generating artwork online.

Share and protect assets: Atlas offers automatic watermarking, permission controls, preview-size controls and strict password access to ensure your marketing assets are protected.

Online ordering: With Atlas you can manage orders and jobs, run print management and manage inventory online. You can use the system to receive instant quotes using pre-arranged cost schedules from suppliers.

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Some of the mailers and press-ads automated through Atlas

By making the right tools available to the right people, and providing live reports displaying relevant information depending on a user’s requirements, Atlas can save users hundreds of hours of work. For example, The Local Store Marketing feature lets store managers create their own on-premise material from point-of-sale and ticketing templates, ensuring accurate product descriptions, while protecting brand and design integrity all online.

Up-to-the-minute summaries and click-to-change status buttons increase efficiency, enabling companies like Peugeot to effectively manage car sales for its dealerships. “Partnering with Atlas has revolutionised our business,” says Simon Rose from Peugeot. “From what started as an IT solution to improve communication, we’ve developed the Peugeot Infoweb to cover everything from our dealership weekly sales traffic, media and PR downloads, to detailed customer-service audits. It’s a userfriendly web-based solution that’s grown with our business.”

Good news travels fast

From small beginnings, Atlas has grown entirely by word of mouth and has recently expanded into Australia. Atlas’ happy (and efficient) customers now include: Rentokil Initial, Peugeot, NIWA, ESR, Auckland Council, NZ Safety and Trio. “Atlas is great to work with,” says Simon Ellis from Republik Communications. “They understand our business and they partner with us to ensure our clients get the best solution.”

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