Global first as cocktail is spiked with sustainability

Traditionally, obtaining carboNZero’s CEMARs (Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme) certification has been a feat reserved specifically for organisations. But the certification game is changing somewhat, with news one company has become the first in the world to obtain CEMARs certification for a product. 

VnC Cocktails has obtained the new certification and with an export market that expands to 27 countries, it’s confident the certification provides it with a unique selling point. 

“We are dedicated to providing consumers with all-natural products which have a low environmental impact,” says VnC Cocktails marketing manager Alex Badger. “People who buy our cocktails and decision makers throughout our supply chain are focused on reducing the environmental impact of the products they choose.” 

Badger says the company recently secured a trial supply deal with the UK supermarket chain ASDA, and its pending CEMARS certification was an important factor in satisfying ADSA of its environmental responsibility. 

And, much like the process involved in gaining organisation accreditation, VnC Cocktails had to go under a substantial product audit, conducting a full life cycle analysis of its ingredients, and the resulting cocktail products which are shipped overseas. The company already uses recyclable PET plastic packaging. 

carboNZero programme chief executive Graham Carter says offering sustainable products is becoming increasingly important component when it comes to export. 

“More countries are either legislating ways to measure carbon footprints of imports, or looking to. Global retail giants such as Walmart and Tesco have put a line in the sand saying ‘carbon label or show us your carbon scorecard, or we won’t show you our shelves’,” he says. 

And as for the move to certify products and not just organisations, Carter says the move offers businesses the opportunity to demonstrate the measurement and reduction of their products’ emissions before going on to, or instead of, gaining full carbon neutral certification. 

“It makes total economic sense. Cutting emissions will result in cost savings, and in most cases this outweighs the cost of obtaining the certification. A certified emissions measurement and reduction claim adds value to a brand and increases market access.” 

CEMARS is the first two steps of the carboNZero programme and enables businesses, or in this case, products, to measure their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in compliance with ISO 14064-1, understand their carbon liabilities, and put in place management plans to reduce emissions in their organisation and more widely through their supply chain.

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