The whim of the crowd

‘Forget your brand. You don’t own it because it is literally nothing.’

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BP’s response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill will be a PR case study for years to come. Despite BP’s immediate attempts to define the crisis, the relentless criticism on blogs and social media quickly took the disaster out of its hands. It was mercilessly lampooned on Twitter by @BPGlobalPR, whose creator, Leroy Stick, explained: “All BP had to offer were bullshit PR statements. No solutions, no urgency, no sincerity, no nothing. That’s why I decided to relate to the public for them.

“So what is the point of all this? The point is, FORGET YOUR BRAND. You don’t own it because it is literally nothing. You can spend all sorts of time and money trying to manufacture public opinion, but ultimately that’s up to the public now.”

The ‘Forget your Brand’ t-shirt is available from Proceeds go towards “publicity stunts and projects to direct attention towards corporate irresponsibility”