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Webstock 2011's speaker list is—somehow—the best yet
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Marco Arment first reimagined the blog (with Tumblr) and then how to read on the web (with Instapaper). David McCandless is pioneering profound new ways to visualise data on paper and the web with his infographics. Doug Bowman led the team that designed what are probably some of the most-viewed pages on the internet, at Google, and then perhaps some of the most innovative, at Twitter. Merlin Mann (left) teaches people how to use their time more creatively (hint: stop doing things that suck). Mark Pilgrim’s free books have clued up much of the web industry on how to make websites accessible, to learn the influential open-source language Python, and the charms of HTML5—and along the way he created a unique, intensely personal and original blog. And the (resolutely lowercase) danah boyd (below) is a researcher and advocate for young people and their use of social networks.

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Think you could learn something from that crowd?

If not, fine, get back to your inbox and punchcards. Otherwise, mark February 17 and 18 in your calendar and book your tickets to Webstock 2011. Somehow the Webstock team have assembled the best speaker list yet—to the list above, add web luminaries like Jason Santa Maria, Doug Bowman, Tom Coates, Kristina Halvorson, Nicole Sullivan and many others, with more to come.

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