Digital disruption

The world wide web is getting bigger by the day, and it's the perfect place for advertisers to seek new opportunities.

The world wide web is getting bigger by the day, and it’s the perfect place for advertisers to seek new opportunities. Results-focused digital agency Electric Art is helping them do it

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Bretail (brandfocused, retail-driven) advertising for Air Tahiti Nui and Budget Rentals/ JetStar

Travelling with Avis just feels better’—that was the inspiration around the creation of Avis / Journeys. Independent agency Electric Art created two online videos showing couples holidaying in Matakana and Marlborough. The boutique accommodation and local attractions were stitched together by an Avis rental car to form the journey. The campaign was distributed via video on the homepage of, through Grown-Ups, and e-marketing and presented in iPads at TRENZ, New Zealand’s largest tourism trade show.

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Taking your experience to your audience is the next big thing, says Steve Davies from Electric Art. And no, we’re not talking about TV ads. With broadband penetration having well and truly integrated itself into most Kiwi businesses and the majority of households throughout New Zealand, it’s possible to now creatively communicate your message in new ways.

Electric Art’s Budget Car Rentals Mystery Weekends Campaign was another huge hit, literally. On the first day it resulted in approximately 1.3 million impressions, 17,833 click-throughs, 4,289 entries (that’s three per minute) and a 51.2 percent opt-in rate.

Rich media maturity

Not so long ago, online advertising was seen as little the marketing media mix. The user experience was still very much in its infancy, with dial-up connections, a tangle of wires and slow download speeds leading to a relatively small number of entertaining websites and lots of teeth gnashing and frustration along the much-hyped information superhighway.

“The new media channel is no longer an addition in the media mix. Today, digital is at the centre of every smart commercial communications strategy. For years now, even television advertisers have been directing audiences to their online channels for more information,” says Davies.

Digital disruption is here. It’s fast, it’s mobile, it’s everywhere. “It’s penetrating our personal, social and business lives at an astounding rate, and not even the global financial crisis could slow it down.” On the contrary, the digital advertising spend has grown, quarter on quarter, as consumers head online in search of better deals. And smart brands have responded.

“With this disruption come new opportunities for advertisers. You can now specifically measure down to the dollar (provided you have an e-commerce store), the return you’re making from advertising online and the effectiveness of each of the channels booked.”

In the new online world of ‘bretail’ advertising (brand-focused retail-driven), measurability is not just possible but imperative. Return on investment can be measured as return on ideas. And ideas can adapt to respond to consumer trends—in real time.

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Electric Art’s rich media advertising for Samoa Tourism and Avis

The building blocks of measurement

Measuring the return on investment is more than click-throughs obtained in a campaign. “It’s about implementing a complete online digital solution that begins with your online advertising and ends with an online e-commerce order,” explains Davies. “It’s about ensuring your website has been designed to capitalise on the traffic obtained via your online campaigns, implementing reports and funnels that measure the activity of potential new customers on your site through to factual sales.” For Electric Art, digital is more than dipping your toes in the water, it’s a complete strategy.

Advertising online

You only have to look at your own usage to understand how frequently you go online throughout the day to stay abreast of latest news, Davies points out.

“Online is a place where prospective customers are constantly checking emails, business information or gossip, multiple times a day. We help clients take the opportunity to make them a prospective customer in one click. Press advertising has a shelf-life of 12 hours. For the same cost of a half-page ad in the NZ Herald, you could have a competitive online advertising campaign for two weeks.”

Press advertising has a shelf-life of 12 hours. For the same cost of a half-page ad in the NZ Herald, you could have a competitive online advertising campaign for two weeks

Bretail online is the new norm

Brand-focused, retail-driven advertising is currently the most popular form for display. Getting your brand noticed is what the creative team at Electric Art focuses on when designing animations to stand out on the page. This could be as simple as wheels flying through the sky, as seen in the Budget / Jetstar banners, or providing a more relaxing, smoother experience of an airline tail slowly cruising along as the clouds move past the bottom of the screen. Davies says being noticed is imperative for online success.

“One example is four online video vignettes we did each showing a relaxing scene in Samoa, accompanied by a soft guitar track playing in the background,” says Davies. “The scenes included a ‘Samoan iPod’, depicting a pod of dolphins swimming beside a sailing yacht; ‘Tour de Samoa’, which showed a family cycling along a road with no cars; or, my favourite, ‘Catch up on Paperwork’, with a couple lying on the beach reading books. These were nothing more than ‘moments in time’ that everyone dreams of when they book their winter escapes.”

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