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How radio uses digital channels to win share

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Here’s a curious fact: for 10 years, radio has maintained a ten-to-twelve percent share of total advertising revenue— one of the highest in the developed world.

Kiwis love their radio!

What’s more, as one of the most naturally interactive media, radio has been far more progressive than many other media in migrating onto digital platforms and The Radio Bureau (TRB) has ensured that radio advertisers have been successfully taken along on that journey.

Radio’s always been interactive and now radio content mimics the way consumers interact online, smoothly driving people between different platforms. It was a natural step to go from call-ins, DJ shout-outs and broadcast community notices, to texts, emails and online engagement.

With 25 percent of radio audiences already converted to digital platforms, TRB is constantly creating new ways for listeners and advertisers to interact. TRB is able to match advertisers with their perfect station brand-partner, helping them engage with consumers on-air, online and on-street.

Mercedes bends

Radio is incredibly flexible when it comes to brandedcontent opportunities. At a time when consumers are increasingly seeking reassurance from trusted brands, the ability to tap into this loyal listener-radio relationship is invaluable.

TRB and RedWorks recently helped Mercedes- Benz to engage with a hardto- influence trade market by brand-partnering the advertiser with Radio Hauraki and one of its most popular personalities.

Drive Time announcer Nik Brown broadcast live from a Mercedes-Benz commercial dealership every Friday afternoon for a month. His live on-site broadcasts, onair competitions and chats with dealership staff, coupled with online and email activity connected with his audience and drove sales way beyond Mercedes-Benz expectations.

The promotion ran across the entire Radio Hauraki network of 17 regions during Nik’s Drive Time show. Nik called each dealership every Thursday to talk-up the nextdays on-site broadcast and encourage people to come along to enter the prize draw and to meet the dealers.

On-site, Radio Hauraki staff helped visiting listeners go into the draw to win a Vito van, $1000 gas and made introductions to dealer staff. Nationwide trailers and announcer liners highlighted the promotional activities and dealer locations, whilst inclusion in the Hauraki Insider weekly e-newsletter took promotional details and advertiser’s links out to 38,000 active members.

Five weeks of Hauraki website activity on the homepage pushed visitors to the Mercedes-Benz site.

Mercedes-Benz was delighted with the unprecedented number of enquiries generated over this promotional period and individual dealers were stunned by the high-levels of footfall, interest and potential leads generated by the promotion.

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Play time

TRB and OMD recently teamed-up Sony Playstation with two radio personalities for the launch of the God of War III PS3 game. Along with ‘traditional’ on-air sponsorship, The Rock’s Jase and Dunc enthusiastically presented a popular advertiser-themed competition that drew in core God of War fans and got potential new consumers excited enough to go out and buy a console.

The promotion ran nights on Channel Z, with Jase and Dunc taking their lead from Kratos, the main character of GOWIII, helping listeners get revenge on people that deserved it.

Listeners rang the studio with stories of why they wanted to get revenge, and if chosen it was up to them to come up with ideas. These suggestions were then put into action, filmed and loaded on The Rock website.

Over the four week promotion a number of revenge stunts were filmed, including a car covered in manure, house floors covered in ready lawn, a car crushed by a tank, and the Blues Super 14 team throwing a guy in a pond.

These videos had a GOWIII pre-roll and were uploaded onto for people to watch, rate and make comments. Each of these videos averaged around 5,000 views.

As added value The Rock continued promoting these videos and gave away spot prizes of GOWIII games for a further two weeks after the promotion was due to finish.

On launch, the God of War III sales target was reached in the first weekend and by the end of the campaign the sales target was exceeded by 126 percent with sales continuing strongly. There was also a spike in console sales over this launch period.


Radio is leading media trends in branded content, using its channels, personalities and loyalty with listeners to create compelling campaigns for advertisers.

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