Consumer rules

Consumer rules

Compelling, believable brands reach out and shake hands with consumers, thanks to the work of Redcactus

How can brands stand out in such a cluttered consumer market?

Marketers can turn to plenty of tricks to raise awareness and generate spikes in attention. But for design company Redcactus, great brands stand out for their honesty and integrity—understanding their customers' needs and then delivering exactly to those expectations.

"They should inspire and encourage, and have real relevance in our lives. If people don't trust the brand they buy, then they shouldn't buy it," says director Chris Chong.

Our aim is to design compelling and believable brands which are trusted and lasting—brands that reach out from the crowd and shake hands

So when clients seek creative ideas from Redcactus the primary aim is simple: help their brand deliver on its promise—whether it is a fast-moving consumer good like pet food or snacks, a fundraising organisation, or a consumer experience like a hotel and casino.

"Our aim is to design compelling and believable brands which are trusted and lasting—brands that reach out from the crowd and shake hands with all consumers," says Chong.

Here are four examples.

Cats prefer

After 40 years, Chef is an iconic and trusted New Zealand brand, synonymous with great-tasting cat food. Chef is all about fostering genuine loving relationships between cats and their owners. To redesign the brand and its packaging, Redcactus had to first understand what motivates cat lovers.

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Redcactus wanted to make a stronger connection between cat owners and the love they feel for their cats, the Chef brand and its Kiwi heritage. It was important the redesign preserved the brand's integrity while bringing stronger emotional attributes into the brand's image. Redcactus also created greater impact at the point of purchase, so consumers could recognise Chef through a core brand colour , typography and benefit claims.

Through a warmer and more personable image, the Chef brand has become more engaging and approachable, and continues to be the trusted choice for all cat lovers.

Our youth

Snack company Eta had identified an opportunity to launch a brand aimed at image-conscious teens, as existing brands tended to target children, families, or sophisticated adults.

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The SKOF brand identified an audience others weren't speaking to: the typically hard-to-reach demographic belonging to image-conscious teens

Redcactus was entrusted to create the SKOF brand identity and packaging style, which oozed attitude and broke category norms. SKOF products promise to be 'bag-licking good' or 'SKOFABLE'. The brand's target consumers "live life to the full", and are unapologetic about expressing themselves.

"Redcactus created a brand and packaging style that was designed to motivate and gain consumer trust," says Josette Prince, marketing and business development director for Griffin"s Foods. "A brand our consumers can relate too, an expression of them, allowing them to break free from the imposing world they live in. SKOF will challenge but not offend."

Life-changing results

Finding a cure for breast cancer is difficult, but experts say it is achievable. The Breast Cancer Research Trust's (BCRT) target is to find a cure for breast cancer by 2018. Redcactus provided pro bono creative expertise and knowledge to raise this not-for-profit organisation's profile, and give brand clarity to its goals.

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Redcactus' work on Breast Cancer Research Trust lent focus and clarity to the way its goals were defined within the organisation, and by the outside world

An ownable brand identity that clearly communicates innovation as well as results was required. It needed to portray the organisation's core values: focus, results, science and research, breakthrough and hope.

Redcactus needed to develop a brand that appeals directly to thinkers and strategists, people who want results and have a dynamic approach to finding a cure for breast cancer. Adding the word 'cure' to the brand identity, and implementing a stronger pink brand colour, communicated serious confidence, optimism, and the organisation's focus on the end goal.

BCRT's new brand cements its reputation as a global leader in breast cancer research, and differentiates it from other fundraising organisations. Its brand is now unique and distinctive. The trust can attract sponsors, and have a high public profile. The BCRT's brand builds trust, and signifies it is an enduring organisation with a sense of urgency and defined goals to achieve within a timeframe.

The thrill of the Big Time

At Jupiters Hotel and Casino on Australia's Gold Coast, guests can have a big entertainment experience at night, and then relax during the day. When the company changed its name from Conrad Jupiters, it asked Redcactus to position Jupiters Hotel and Casino as one of the biggest and most exciting destinations in Australia.

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The rejuvenated Jupiter's branding captures the spirit, energy and excitement of the casino and the signature expression promises the thrill of the big time

The new brand needed to communicate the complete experience: the thrill of non-stop casino action, spectacular entertainment, a diverse range of restaurants, fabulous accommodation and relaxing amenities, all in the amplified melting pot of a coastal destination.

"Redcactus captured the spirit and energy of the Jupiters brand," says Tanya Minton, segment stategist, customer experience at Tabcorp Casinos Division. "Jupiters' new brand identity has sophistication and longevity, in conjunction with the energy and excitement of the experience."

A brand and design identity platform was created implementing the brand identity through brand guidelines, brand game plan, and brand visual interpretations for all internal and external usage. Beautiful synergy between the letterforms and a fluid handwritten style created a memorable and engaging brand identity synonymous with great holidays and life-long memories.

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