Showcase #5: Pure and simple

Doubleclique cuts the clutter for a clean, tailored online experience that gets results

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For ten years, Doubleclique has planned, designed, built, hosted and maintained over 100 websites­—with one fundamental mindset: it should all be simple.

A quick visit to its online portfolio will reveal that ‘simple’ doesn’t mean ‘basic’. In fact, it doesn’t even mean minimalist or white. With a decade of web design and development experience, Doubleclique has designed for some of the biggest brands in New Zealand­, all of whom require unique visual interpretations and styles. With clients like Telecom, Weta and GIB along with a range of more boutique brands and smaller startup businesses, it’s easy to see the breadth of website design and development expertise on offer.

So, if it’s not just the way it looks, what is it that makes a website simple? According to creative director Luke Pierson, it’s about giving the website user fewer, but better, choices.

“Reducing the level of complexity through the way the site is planned and structured can still result in any number of design treatments—but will also result in dramatically less clutter, and shorter, more relevant content.” Doubleclique ensures a website is as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Luke describes the Doubleclique team as design led. “There’s a huge difference between a custom-designed and developed website and the low-cost, cookie-cutter approach taken by some. A properly designed website is tailored specifically to the client. This means the website should combine the client’s brand and message with a design and structure developed to meet its unique business needs.”

Magazine layout

Doubleclique designed and built the GIB Living website, which launched to an overwhelming response


Doubleclique worked with Backhouse to better represent its brand and reputation through a complete redesign and rebuild of its website. A long-standing, family-owned quality furniture designer, Backhouse’s brief was clear—keep it very simple, both to use and to look at.

The new website brings its internationally acclaimed products into focus within a refreshing clean, uncluttered interface.

Ollie Backhouse of Backhouse says the website has changed the business. It now has an online presence to be proud of, representing it in a completely different light, and showcasing its products in a much more compelling way—and drawing regular compliments from clients and suppliers.

It has also led to a 300 percent increase in enquiries from the website.

Magazine layout

Doubleclink, the social networking site for wine lovers and the clean, uncluttered new site for furniture designers Backhouse.

Kim Crawford Wines

Doubleclink is a world-first social networking website for wine lovers, commissioned by Kim Crawford Wines.

Working closely with Kim Crawford’s agency Sugar on the strategy and creative concept, Doubleclique was tasked with implementation of this innovative new site.

It’s integrated with Facebook and Twitter, and users can share their experiences, rate wines, and remember the places and people they enjoyed them with. The site also offers wine recommendations based on a user’s preferences, and provides targeted offers from Kim Crawford Wines and its partners. The site drew over three thousand registrations within its first three weeks, and is now a steadily growing and active online community.

GIB Living

The GIB Living website helps home builders and renovators understand the GIB product range and how it might benefit their project.

“Doubleclique was responsible for the design and build of the GIB Living website,” says Pierson, “which includes a 3D model that lets users interact and access information relating to specific parts of their house.“

The site also enables the GIB Living team to maintain content and promotions within the site.

On launch, the site reached number one on HitWise—making it the most visited site on the internet in New Zealand—for the Home and Garden category. The first promotion drew over 35,000 responses, with 25,000 saying they were happy for GIB Living to contact them with further promotional material—providing a huge boost to the GIB Living email marketing database.

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