Webstock time again!

Here we are again deep in the halls of the historic Wellington Town Hall to partake in the Webstock conference (well we will be next week anyway) - 5 full-on days. 13 hands-on workshops. 20 kickass international speakers. 24 must-see presentations. Design, development, mobile, usability, content, community, open data, innovation & inspiration. (and, most importantly free ice-cream, great schwag and a fantastic media contingent (that last part is somewhat subjective)).

We'll be live blogging the entire event and, given the state of our eyeballs after last year, our sacrifice is your gain. Yes, fuelled on caffeine and buoyed by early morning runs, our intrepid team on the street, Uber-Editor Matt Cooney and pen-for-hire Ben Kepes will keep you up to the nano second on developments from Webstock central.

So check on back here regularly - or, better still, pick up some last minute tickets and come along!

Ben Kepes spends his time torn between the physical and virtual worlds. When in real-world mode he is co-owner of Cactus Climbing an outdoor equipment and clothing manufacturer as well as sitting on a number of boards. In the somewhat less real world he is a freelance journalist, an extensive blogger and spends altogether too much time utilising a variety of social media services. He blogs here and here and can be followed on Twitter here.

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