TED2010 Day Three

Today we heard from Sergey Brin, Bill Gates, David Rockwell, Natalie Merchant, David Byrne and Chris Anderson (the Wired one, not the TED one), yet despite such an auspicious roster, the ‘wow’ moment today came from a humbler corner.

One of TED’s central philosophies is that the audience is as important as the speakers. And one of the ways it lives this mantra is with TEDYou—a session of talks from audience members.

Today we listened to twelve TEDsters give wonderful small talks on scepticism, projection mapping, investment strategies, pecha kucha, tools, memes, organisational impersonation and even TED itself, as Sebastian Wernicke described his hilarious statistical analysis of 525 TED Talks to reveal the ideal words, phrases and topics to use to create your own phenomenal TED talk:

But the most amazing was from Scott Gass from Seaworld Orlando, who showed us incredible footage of dolphins who have invented and then taught each other a new kind of play whereby they create bubble rings by exhaling air carefully in the middle of the vortices caused by the motion of their fins through the water.

The result is beautiful and mind-blowing new evidence of the intelligence of our favourite marine mammals. Watch the video at

Quote of the day came from comedian Sarah Silverman, marvelling at the miracle of life. “I mean,” she exclaimed, “I exploded up out of my Dad's balls.”

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