Bek Hodgson — Designing for Participation

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Bek Hodgson is a Visual and Interaction Design Consultant for global community-based e-commerce sites, products and brands.

Designing for participation - Hodgson's driver is enabling people who aren't "designers" or "artists" to let their creativity see the light of day. Allowing people to bring content to play that doesn't necessarily fit with your palette.

Web design is the creation of digital environments that facilitate and envourage human activity, reflect or adapt to individual voices and content; and chance gracefully over time while always retaining their identity

Jeffrey Zeldman

With Blurb the challenge was to articulate the fact that, despite interacting with digital content, users would produce a physical product of beauty and quality. There was also a challenge in making users confident that, despite their own lack of design skills, they could create something good.

The art of creation - At Etsy they are empowering the community to curate their own collections.

Uncover buried treasures - How can you pen up your framework to allow folks from anywhere to participate? Be it goods, content or other forms of participation.