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Amy Hoy hates writing about herself in the third person, but she's game if you are. Amy's got a mission, and has dedicated the past several years to a crusade for imaginative and uncommon interactions. You might call her a design zealot.

She's the principle designer behind Twistori, Freckle Time Tracking, the Pepsico Zeitgeist, and other unusual sites and apps. Amy uses her JavaScript expertise as a jumping point for the design of heavily interactive experiences.

Hoy is trying to "design, build and fix software for a friendlier world". Her talk was a plaintive wail for intelligent design - when we design software we affect the quality of the day for our users.

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts

Hoy believes that software can be uplifting, can help us do better work and can help us become better people. 

So how?

  • Get fired up
  • Look for repetition - to identify where you can create a breakout product
  • Then do it differently and people will notice
  • Read 5* more about psychology than about design
  • Meditate - to help you connect to what it is to be human
  • Love people
  • Build your own

Who if not me, and when if not know?

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