Shake yourself up

Narrowing the gap between knowing what to do and doing what you know.

It’s been an exhausting and testing 2009 so far—economic downturn, pandemics, winter. You’d be forgiven for feeling a little flat.

What you need is a good shake up. Jolt Challenge: The Self Intelligence Experience endeavours to do just that. The aim is to develop self-awareness and self-intelligence. Co-author Wade Jackson describes it as “narrowing the gap between knowing what to do and doing what you know”. Learning is in the doing. “We give you the tools. You get to experience the change,” says Jackson.

Jolt Challenge takes a holistic approach to self-development, encouraging you to tap into the physical, mental and emotional aspects of yourself to make positive changes in your life. The book is divided into nine weeks, each with practical exercises, readings and tips that are designed to give you a greater sense of yourself.

The learning is time-space focused and Jackson says that if you incorporate a little bit of the advice into your daily routine you will see changes. All it takes is one hour a day, five days a week. “If you can’t give yourself one hour a day there is a problem,” he says.

The book can be used as a stand-alone tool but is also used in a four-part programme that includes a journal, group workouts and online self-assessments.

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