SP09: A regal performance - Alexia Sinclair

Alexia Sinclair - Regal 12 - Elizabeth I

Alexia Sinclair - Regal 12 - Elizabeth I

Photographic artist Alexia Sinclair shared her journey from tormentor of her younger brother through studying the traditonal arts crafts of drawing and photography to emerging as a fully fledged fine artist

She talked about how the foundation crafts, ultimately influenced her more mature work—though the process irritated her at the time "If you can't pass drawing, you won't pass photography". Perhaps that was the essence of her story—developing the skills to succeed and become an award winning artist  is soundly founded on mastery of her craft and an understanding of arts that have gone before. She drew parallels between the chiascuro techniques of Caravaggio and the sybolism of the Botticelli and 'The Medici Circle' and the influence on here work. Get an education, kids.

Another take-outs from Alexia's presentation is the acknowledgement she gives to her collaborators. While the post-production aspect of her work involves many hours spent alone in darkened rooms she relies on contributions from the likes of models, hair and makeup artists. She paid particular tribute to the talented duo of body painting artists with whom she has worked extensively. So, while she enjoys the accolades for her work she knows full well that she doesn't travel alone.

A final thought on Alexis Sinclair's presentation at Semi-Permanent is her emphasis on research and development in her work. She alluded to not only her education but also her practice of constant renewal and questioning the nature of her work—refining technique and pushing the boundaries between art and commerce.

Alexia Sinclair's web site

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