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Learning a new language: Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand

Creature is taking your brand personally

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The pressure on brands to deliver performance has never been greater. At Creature, we believe the solution lies in a simple five-letter word: Trust. Trust is the secret sauce that sells a brand. If we trust a brand that never—or rarely—fails to give us a positive experience, we’ll use that brand again and again because it delivers on its promise. But trust us, a brand is only as good as the promise behind it.

We think that the creation of a brand is a three-way exercise in trust: first we, the agency, promise to create a visual context and a series of experiences that reflect the client’s values and business strategy. Second, the client commits to maintaining the integrity of those values. Third, the customer engages with the brand promise. Buys it, eats it, wears it or does whatever it’s designed to do. Sounds pretty straightforward, but for those of us in the brand creation department, the reality is so much more than simply creating a pretty logo, typeface or colour palette.

Here are three examples of how we employ trust to build and enhance authentic, meaningful brands. Perhaps we can do the same for you.

Learning a new language

Did you know that butterflies are deaf? Neither did we. But along with a new language, it’s one of the many things we learned about our client, the Deaf Association of New Zealand, when Creature was commissioned to produce promotional material for 2007 Sign Language Week. The Association has audacious goals for what sign language could mean for both the deaf and hearing communities of New Zealand and really are a client we work proudly with, not for.

We helped to refine the core ‘butterfly hands’ imagery, breathing life into a symbol that has now come to define Sign Language Week. And more importantly, we helped rename and relaunch as Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand, creating a butterfly-inspired visual signature. This mark and signature work to promote the organisation’s uniqueness and connect it to the local community while promoting difference internationally.

Now the name and brand imagery are in place, we continue to build a diverse range of touchpoints, including print collateral, a website (in development), promotional posters, sign language spelling cards, billboards, t-shirts for volunteers, stickers, online banner and magazine advertising.

Result? A brand that delivers to its client’s and customers’ expectations—and creates a distinct message and profile for a truly amazing sector of our community.

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Connecting with New Zealand: Chorus

Connecting with New Zealand

With a new identity, Telecom’s new network business Chorus arrived at Creature’s door seeking advice on adding depth to their brand story. While the core mark was strong and recognisable it didn’t communicate enough about who they were and how their ‘heroes’ in the field deliver a world-class network to New Zealanders every day.

Working with the key corporate colours, we created the ‘Chorus landscape’, an authentic New Zealand visual story that captures the wide variety of work they do and brings their brand proposition as a dynamic and dependable telecommunications network company to life.

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The perfect mix: The Woolshed Sessions

The perfect mix

For a select group of New Zealand musicians and one design practice, the summer of 2007 will be forever preserved. Having travelled to filmmaker Gaylene Preston’s Takaka woolshed to record an iconic album, The Woolshed Sessions came to be.

A key driver of our business is the desire to work on projects that provide positive experiences, develop New Zealand’s cultural voice and are inspiring to the design team.

Creature really wanted to invest in this project and wanted to take on the challenge of creating a brand package that captured this quintessential New Zealand sound.

Using a warm colour palette and graphic elements that echoed the strong lines of corrugated iron and the weave of woollen blankets, Creature designed a logo, brand signature, packaging for the CD and media release material, as well as an accompanying book that embraced the documentary-style photographs by Andy Morley-Hall.

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