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If you too wondered about Neil Finn’s pie preferences, wonder no more—B>side has the scoop
B>Side magazine


Liam Finn is a steak and cheese man … always steak and cheese. Pies on tour and SJD spilling Dave Dobbyn’s secrets: there are some things you just share with mates.

“Yeah, we’re just two guys having a chin-wag about music …” says Dobbyn in B>Side. That’s what you think, Dave. It’s muso-on-muso action with the experts—the artists—interviewing each other. The rest of us get to listen in.

B>Side, a free black-and-white mag sets out to celebrate the New Zealand musician, offering a forum-style format for musicians to meet and talk freely about their work and their lives, says co-creator and photographer Tony Nyberg. “It’s a bid to offer music fans engaging stories, an insight into the art of influential artists, the process of creating music.”

While the May 2009 issue features the likes of Finn, Dobbyn, SJD and P-Money, B>Side also gives coverage to the many über-talented Kiwi musicians who aren’t more widely known. It’s the creation of Auckland-based photographer Tony Nyberg and graphic designer Fiona Lascelles. In conjunction with the latest issue the pair has added photographic online slide shows at the magazine’s MySpace site, gathering images, text, music, and incidental sound from location shoots and interviews.

B>Side magazine

“It’s a means for us to move our careers with current technology and the creative opportunities it makes available,” says Nyberg. “This is one of the key features of the digital age. There is so much available to us now, that inspiration can come from quite unexpected sources.”

B>Side is distributed nationally; if you can’t find a copy, you can also download a PDF version from its Myspace site.

B>Side magazine


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