Sploring with Ze

So when we got a text from Ze Frank on Friday, asking the Idealog team to show him a good time in Auckland, we were excited, and a little horrified. Where do you take a webelebrity in this town?

Happily Butterfly Zoo at the Splore Living Lounge was set up in Western Park, so after sumo beer at Tanuki’s we were treated to an evening of debauchery courtesy of The Cuban Brothers who combined cabaret with break dancing with comedy, which happens to be an unbeatable combination. The lounge itself was in the vein of the pop-up business craze. We’ve already enjoyed pop-up shops and restaurants in Auckland this year, and a pop-up bar/festival was the perfect addition to an Auckland weekend. We also noticed a unique marketing ploy for Asahi punters. Buy a beer, get a token, pop it in the vending machine and get a fun gift. Nice.