Jasmina Tesanovic: the design of crime

Feminist, political activist, translator, publisher and filmmaker Tesanovic is a creation of the 1999 Kosovo war. She wrote a war diary based on the war Diary of a Political Idiot.

Tesanovic gave a disclaimer that she would be telling horrible things to nice people—given the important things in life it has to be said that that’s not a bad thing. Tesanovic was smuggled a Toshiba laptop during the Kosovo war with simple instructions—to record and chronicle the truth. The B92 dissident radio station based it’s web server in Holland and was redistributed across the world—16 languages, books and a file.

Six years after Milosevic was toppled, the blogosphere came to Serbia by way of the B92 network—Tesanovic agreed to be part of it as the media was controlled by business interests with their own agenda. B92 uncovered legion untold crimes and travesties in Serbia.

Serbia is yet to deal with the criminal past and present—Milosevic’s dark practices were never dealt with but shuffled under the carpet—trying to expose this by posting the War Crimes Tribunal reports created an avalanche of violent comments on her blog. She just reported what she heard, without editorial comment.

Tesanovic no longer relies on publishers and publishing, financial imperatives or other things—blogging gives her the opportunity to say what she sees and feels without constraint. She cares little about protocols, architecture, monetisation—she is merely a user of the tools that are available. Early users are forced to use due to lack of alternative outlets—Tesanovic believes that the internet has already won the battle over literature. She used to strive for beauty and form in writing—that is now obsolete as borders, time constraints and language barriers come down.

Tesanovic played the trailer for her film that documents the trial of “The Scorpions”, the paramilitary force recruited by General Ratko Mladic, the fugitive former Bosnian Serb commander.

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