Trevf tees: O for awesome

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Do you remember Blue Light discos? Asking your friend to sidle up to the best friend of the person-you-want to-pash, or being brave and asking “Wanna go round with me?” yourself? Snorting Weetbix out your nose in front of Billy T James? Come on, what about David Tua’s crowning achievement: asking for an O for awesome on Wheel of Fortune?

If you’ve forgotten any one of these monumental moments, a) how can you call yourself a Kiwi between the ages of 28 and 43? Especially if you are one? And, b) you’re clearly in need of a history lesson printed on your chest.

How about this: a Trevf tee. Developed by two ex-farmboy brothers from a family “big on Billy T and Turangi Vice”, Trevf t-shirts seek to “remind you of a time before Facebook, when it was all about your BMX”.

Tim and Marcus Marshall were the Waipukurau brothers, now based in Auckland and London respectively. Tim stresses that although the shirts are all about Kiwiana, “This isn’t another tee with a bloody New Zealand map stamped on it, stolen from Huffer.”

And it’s not. There are no pics of skinny models stalking down Viaduct runways at, just a brown man in a 70s-style, koru-underlined Te News t-shirt, with a yellow towel slung over his shoulder.

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