The birds and the bees


First, it was the honeybees. In a phenomenon called CCD (colony collapse disorder) honeybee colonies around the world have been mysteriously dying out for the past couple of years. Spooky enough, but now apparently the numbers of common birdlife are in fast decline. Spooky and worrying.

The whole bee shortage was odd but personally caused me little concern beyond wondering what I'll be putting on my morning toast in the future. But now that other species are suddenly disappearing (conservation expert calls birds our "environmental barometer" which surely does not bode well) I feel like I'm one of the unsuspecting public in some creepy old-fashioned sci-fi short story in which nature is slowly disappearing and we're oblivious to the warning signs ...

(Plus, I wish it was wasps that were vanishing—especially the ones that always seem to be hanging around my front deck now the weather's warming up.)