Speed demon

A book full of quick ideas for generating ideas quickly should be a quick read. This book, likes Ken Hudson’s earlier The Idea Generator, certainly passes the speed test. It’s short (148 pages), practical and simple.

I could criticise it for being too simple. It is not a great learning book that demystifies creativity and ideas, leaving you full of knowledge and understanding. It doesn’t discuss the other factors that encourage ideas, like the environment you’re in. True to the book’s title, it just simply focuses on fast idea generation tools.

So, as a book on idea generation tools, does it do a good job? Yes. There are six chapters, each offering ten tools for generating, developing and evaluating ideas quickly. Each tool comes with a working example, making the book really practical. Like Hudson’s first book, it is the idea generation book for the one-minute manager and dummies—simple enough for anyone to follow.

What I really like is that it offers a new way to overcome our cautious judging minds and those of our colleagues—two of the biggest idea killers. According to the author, by thinking of ideas at speed we bypass both these restraints, which enables anyone who uses these techniques to activate and leverage their intuition and subconscious. Secondly, lack of time always comes up as the biggest barrier (and excuse) for individuals and organisations to being creative and innovative. Through speed, The Idea Accelerator overcomes the barrier of not enough time to have ideas.

There are also useful chapters devoted to developing ideas and evaluating ideas.

Is such a small book worth $25? Well, what’s a good idea worth? The Idea Accelerator is a valuable tool whether you’re a beginner, in a rush or an expert looking for fresh approaches.

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