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There’s nothing a bunch of fashion mavens loves more than peering at what other fashion mavens are wearing, preferably on the streets of somewhere glamorous, and then talking about it. Add in the hit accessory of the year, the iPhone, and you’ve got the germ of Maya Villiger’s idea for, the world’s first web- and mobile-compatible street style site.

Villiger, a former suit at Colenso in Auckland, had a chance to reinvent her career when she joined her fiancé in New York a couple of years ago. She was looking for an outlet for her passion for street photography, saw the mobile website space taking off and spotted the gap for female-oriented content.

The mobile web, she says, “is like the Internet all over again. It’s an extremely uncluttered market with a very low number of publishers—and 3G phones are so fast and so cheap.”

It helps that her partner is Derek Handley, one of the founders of Kiwi mobile marketing pioneers The Hyperfactory. She rounded up a series of street editors (fellow expat Kiwis in Paris, London, Sydney, New York and Auckland, and Villiger herself now in LA) to feed their street style photos and blogs.

Toyota pitched in with an on-site campaign called ‘Corolla Cool-finder’: editors making their favourite picks from various fashion labels. Villiger syndicates content between publishers and across carriers, with a deal in the pipeline with one of the biggest of the breed, The JC Report.  The site has quickly built to 25,000 unique visitors a month, the majority from the US and Australia.

“We’re meeting the demand for on-the-go content,” says Villiger. “It’s about giving style-hungry readers everywhere a peek at what’s happening in great cities around the world.”

Just in case you miss anything

There sure is room for more in the world of Kiwi mobile websites. Rule one, we ask, is a website that’s made for mobile-sized screens (and fat fingers), not just a regular website that’s been thrust through some content adaptation algorithm.

Rule two, tell the world where they can find the new mobile you (on your regular website would be a good start).

So here are some sites we like. Snow Report is at Find the best party bars in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch on or shop local goodies at

The New Zealand Herald has the best mobile news site at Air New Zealand can fly you around on And Trade Me’s mobile site,, does the (small) business.

Do your accounting on the road with Xero’s phone version at, and admire your groaning bank acount at

Local gaming blog ButtonMasher delivers a small-screen version at

And did we mention you’ll find Idealog on your mobile too? We’ll see you and your phone at

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