Introducing Exposure Lifestyles

Exposure Lifestyles discovers deadlines

Magazine layout

Masthead optional: Taika Waititi’s cover for Exposure Lifestyles

If you’re well-versed in New Zealand music you probably know all about Exposure Lifestyles. If you’re not, don’t worry—the little Kiwi music mag is about to go through a Shapeshifting Conchord Dawn.

For two years Exposure has stood out from the rest of the free music mags on the café counter with its authentic interviews and photos of New Zealand’s creative cream undertaken by authentic muso photographer, Pat Shepherd.

The only problem was when the mags were gone, fans had a long period of staring at empty counter space. Now Shepherd aims to fill the space by turning his attention to Exposure full-time. “My hope is that this publication will be a documentation of a moment in time and that you will put it away on a shelf somewhere, only to bring it out years down the line to see what has changed,” he says.

What, like Brett McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame? In issue one, circa 2006, McKenzie understated: “I’m leaving for the Americas to work on a Flight of The Conchords TV pilot. I’m going to be living in LA for a few months.” He then overstated the joy he got out of performing at a “punk-funk” gig: “That was fucking loooose. After the show there was blood on my computer.”

Gems like this drip from the pages of Exposure, largely due to the mag’s no-editing policy. “A lot of creatives are so good with words they’re like poets anyway,” says Shepherd. “So we publish it exactly how they want to say it.”

Look for a battle of mythical creatures on your café counter (and at at the end of February—otherwise identified as your Taika Waititi-drawn cover of the new and highly regular Exposure.

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