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Vincent goes in search of forex at the Frankfurt Book Fair

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We’re constantly told that New Zealand needs more exporters. If it’s not Jim Anderton or NZTE, it’s export ambassador Ken Stevens of Glidepath, urging us to jump on that plane and earn some forex. Enough already! I’m onto it.

Tomorrow night I’m boarding NZ6 for LA to launch myself into the inglorious world of exporting.

From LA I head to Frankfurt, then to Vienna, where after 30 hours of bum-numbing bad-movie travel, I’ll be discussing the finer points of international creative business magazines with Eric the Austrian. No points for guessing the title being talked about. It may come to nix, but heck, it’s worth a crack, eh?

Next it’s back to Frankfurt for the international book fair, the world’s largest gathering of publishers and desperate authors. I’ll be there with my AUT Media hat on (thanks AUT!), along with our top class book editor Mike Bradstock, who’s large, hairy and snores. Luckily we’ll be sharing a room for only six nights (thanks AUT!).

Kiwis have long fronted a stand at the book fair thanks to NZTE and the Book Publishers Association, and it has launched plenty of careers: Anne Geddes, Wendy Pye and Geoff Blackwell (MILK) to name a just three. The idea is to trade publishing rights—we’ll be selling about eight titles including our just published Hot Topic. And hoping to pick up, well, as many as we can afford to bring back downunder.

It’ll be a blast. They say that you need to do three fairs before you really crack it. I’ll let you know.

The third leg of my journey is not so much exporting as just plain boys-own fun. I’ll be the guest of BMW at the opening of the grand new BMW Welt, a gigantic factory, education and technology show case. I’ll be reporting for Idealog and Top Gear magazines.

Then I’ll hopping it up the road to the Audi factory and museum for a special report for our new travel magazine Inspire.

Oh yes, we do it hard here at Idealog.

I promise to blog with news and pictures of it all. Now, any suggestions about how to handle the long haul travel?

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