The power of a meme

If you don’t support constructing a stadium on Auckland’s Waterfront you are opposed to all progress.
If you don’t ’get in behind’ the Rugby World Cup planning you don’t care about the economic development of New Zealand.
If you don’t support the United States occupation of Iraq, then you support the terrorists...

That is the power of a meme. Release an idea that is to be either supported or, by default, opposed. Hobson’s Choice.
John Grant describes the phenomenon rather well in his book After Image; either you are for Greenpeace or the destruction of the planet.
I can say with some confidence that my world is a little more colourful than those polarised views. 

The discussion about Auckland’s waterfront should be separate from discussion of the Rugby World Cup. Not unrelated, but in terms of a Venn diagram World Cup is a subset of Auckland’s future planning. Not the other way around.

The politicians seem to have decided that the issue is one that will polarise Aucklanders and distract us from wider concerns. The tactic is usually known as divide and conquer. Trevor Mallard has lit the factional fuse and stepped back to enjoy the fireworks.

What matters to me is the development of Auckland as a vibrant creative city. It guts me to think we have visionary individuals like Peter Cooper of Bluewater group (who is redeveloping the Britomart precinct) and yet have so little confidently expressed vision from elected employees of the people.  Cooper takes a long range, strategic view of urban planning, eschewing short term profit for careful development that will return something to citizens of Auckland and its visitors. (Read David MacGregor’s Blogs on Idealog
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