Collaboration is my hot button. It is all well and good having many great ideas. But getting them done usually requires people with complementary and specialised skill. It is something I want to experiment with at Massey University, getting design students to engage with psychology, anthropology and marketing peers (etc). Just to reprise the topic of my first column in issue 1 of Idealog, it is a critical issue for New Zealanders. We need to become more ’open source’ in our thinking.

I came accross an interesting collaborative project from MIT. It combines an Undergraduate Artist Emma Lindsay with a Media Lab Graduate Researcher Amber Frid-Jimenez. Click here to visit .

The premise is simple: Tag an online movie with audiotags using the telephone. So users can leave commentary and opinion about the film by phone.

Augmenting the collaboration is the addition of Japanese subtitles courtesy of a Visiting Researcher from Japan).

The first of the movies is hardly brain surgery "How Do Average Guys Get With Hot Girls?" and the 7 second phone in commentaries reflect the topic.  The possibilites for the application, which widens the collaboration to the viewer network must have potential. I’d like to see a non linear way of experiencing the phone ins. Maybe there is some application to extract keywords, or, perhaps the user community could rate the usefulness of the comment - further extending the collaboration.

The film is rudimentary in that YouTuby way. It reminded me of Edison’s ’Mary Had a Little Lamb’ demonstration of audio recording...which you can hear here.

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