A tale of things to come

Once upon a time, there was a somewhat astute (although that had been widely debated) Television Producer who would undertake an annual pilgrimage to deepest darkest Peru.  There he would seek wisdom from the ancients as to what was going to be ‘The Big Idea’ for next season.  This year, was no different.  He trekked some seventeen hours to the top of a mountain – which was rather unintelligent as he could have just taken the tour bus.  And there he waited, till his number was called and he was beckoned into the cave of the Ancients.

Inside the Producer sat next to the Ancient Guru and asked his question.

“Wise one.”  The producer enquired.  “You have helped me create such great shows for television in the past.  Tell me, what will be the big hit this coming season.”

The Ancient smiled a toothless grin and chuckled to himself.  He signaled the Producer closer. 

“Television, my friend is dead.” Chortled the Ancient. 

The Producer was distraught.  “What is to become of me.  My empire.  It will all crumble.”

“It’s not about you anymore, you selfish bastard.” Proclaimed the Ancient.  “This time it is all about me.”

And with that, the Ancient reached under his garb, drew out his mobile phone and starting watching his new favorite Mobisode.

Stay Tuned...