Will you choose success or happiness?

"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get."

I heard that on the same radio broadcast today that Jason Kemp blogged about in the previous post. When Dennis Dutton confessed, grudgingly, that it was most sensible thing he could find on the subject of happiness I felt the cringe of an academic admitting that a lay person had aced Socrates and Plato - the author of the quote was Dale Carnegie author of How to have friends and influence people.

I love it. As ever there are tensions and paradoxes. Prof Dutton, founder of Arts and Letters  Daily .... 

…one of our first web entrepreneurs who, like the guys behind Google don't actually create the content, was chatting with Catherine Ryan (check the link to hear the show) . A&LD  simply curate it, as do Google in their way by measuring popularity (links in - links out). Arts and Letters Daily curate actively, humanly, by surfing 'quality' media online. I have to confess I have never found A&LD very compelling - then or now. Show me the dark underbelly of kultur…

The radio interview and Jason's post prompted me to think about some of the most influential things I have read. Bear in mind that, as a student, I had a mohawk, skinny jeans, Dr Martens (10 eyelet, oxblood) and a smutty leather jacket.  A brush with death introduced me to material I would never have encountered otherwise.(bouncers at the Exchange in Parnell tried to kill me for being different…don't get a mohican kids!).  In hospital I read 'How to win friends....' (Carnegie) 'How to sell anything to anyone' (Joe Gerard)and 'Secrets of success'   by (Earl Nightengale). 

I remember one line in particular from the Nightingale tape - "Successful people do the things other people don't want to do."

The funny thing is that I learned, in my working life, that most people don't want to challenge anything. Conventions and  norms win in most cases. For example  Family Health Diary is now the biggest spender on on TVNZ, but it's origins were simple. Nobody at Bates wanted to work on Anusol Hemorrhoid cream. My ex-wife told me so. They left the back door open for me and my partners. Without the Nightengale mantra I'd never have invented FHD.

Why make money when you can win awards?

What do you think? 

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