Free idea Friday

I’ve heard a lot about the Flight of the Conchords.

Well … a bit.

I know they have done well at the Edinburgh fringe festival.

I gather they have scored a show on HBO. That has to count for something.

But anyway …the purpose of this posting is to review the Flight of the Conchords show WHILE IT IS ACTUALLY ON TV.

I am convinced this is a first.

And you saw it here first …

Comedy is hard. Most of it is not funny. I know. I’ve gone to comedy clubs and been grateful that I can, at least , rely on the beer.

Wait a second, this bit is good ...

Vox pop on the streets of Austin Texas at the South By SouthWest Festival (SXSW) ... "Have you every heard of any bands from New Zealand?…"

"Ummm … no, not really ..."


"I didn’t know they hand any bands..."

Jeez Louise (with a Napoleon Dynamite emphatic thrust) …

Thank God for commercial breaks. I got to extrapolate a little. And visit the HBO site to check out the show.

When one is writing on the fly it makes one grateful for short, easy URLs— (It’s no wonder the Welsh, Norwegian and German domains have never really flown).

This is quite a good bit. Shhh……

Something Solid are rapping. They are rapping ...

I like it.…

Thanks … a title ... Coco Solid (website)  Video on YouTube (worth a look…rap meets The Flying Lizards)

Toe massage. Slightly surreal. This is kind of existential, don’t you think?

Two things come to mind.

a) Why can’t I grow chops like that guy?
b) Is there a point where self-reference becomes self-indulgent?
c) Is this something Kiwis do a lot ?

Ok...I’m seeing the limitations of contemporaneous commentary. Do I talk for as long as the show?

Oop!…They just referred to Mel and Kim. Legendary video—Respectable  (ah, ...the 80s).

Is there a point to this? I know, you’re busy.

Quick, think of a point. I have to post before the end for this to be authentic ... I’m glad I’m a fast text messager ... It may surprise you I have composed this entirely on my phone with one thumb. But I refuse to use tacky contractions ... which makes life difficult…LOL…ILMAO ;-)

Ok … IDEA HATCHING … how about a live performance voting system?

You go to the opera (whether you need the sleep or not)…is it any good?

Send a Txt to Everyonesacritic com.

Restaurants, bars, shows, movies...

Real time consumer reviews.

Sheesh, why am I giving this stuff away for free?

Is it too late to audition for Dragons Den?

Had any mad ideas lately...

Find a way of getting them done.

Just realised I am missing Weeds on Prime ...

Gotta go. Attention span of a


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